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Case Histories

Hey everybody – send me your stories: both your own, and any favorites you have. Cold hard statistics welcome too.

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High Myope (nearsightedness), Astigmatism, Lazy EyeKate Keilman herself
Kate could not recognize her own brother at 5 feet. She couldn’t recognize him as being human! He is a little strange, but not THAT strange. Having worn glasses or contacts for 15 years, Kate improved her vision from 20/800 to 20/80 in a year and a half. She could actually work on a computer without glasses!  The astigmatism disappeared, the lazy eye went away and the two eyes were now equal – before, one was blurrier than the other. The lazy eye was the left eye, which turned out a little bit, not enough for others to notice, but enough for her brain to notice, and the left eye “shut off”. If something blocked the right eye, the left eye would “turn on”, but there was no depth perception. Eighth grade softball was agony. After relaxing her muscles via the Bates Method, the left eye “got in line” and fusion could occur.

The following were students of mine (Kate Keilman) over the years.

Presbyopia (“Middle-aged sight”) When I teach the technique of sunning, I begin with looking at pretty calendar pictures and have the students notice colors, depth of field, and shadows in addition to details. For some the photos can be rather blurry. Then we learn sunning (with closed eyelids) and come back to the photos. The first course I taught I had not trimmed the calendar pages, and they still had the small print at the bottom of where this beach, or that mountain was located. One of my students let out a whoop and yelled “OH! I can read the print at the bottom of the page now!” He continued to improve and by the end of the course didn’t need reading glasses at all. Other students have discovered that they could read the fine print on something and developed an attachment for the object of the print, in one case it was a toothpaste box in a store. She bought the toothpaste and framed the box!

Strabismus (Crossed eyes) – One student had one eye (her right) that turned in so severely, it looked like she was looking at the other eye. Over the years she had undergone 7 different surgeries to shorten the outer muscle and to pull the eye around to the front. This had not been successful. She started the Bates Method and learned the theory that it’s not that the outer muscle was too long or too lazy, but that the inner muscle was tight. After three weeks she came to class and announced that her husband of 13 years said “Honey, you are looking at me with both eyes for the first time!” She continued to improve and got both eyes to focus on the same thing at the same time all the time.

Case Histories from Dr. Jerriann Taber

Myopia (Nearsighted)

This man was 32 years old when he ordered the Eye-Robics program. He lived in Tennessee and at the time was a pilot for a small airline company.

His vision measured 20/400 each eye. His prescription measurement was R= -6.00 diopters, L= -7.00 diopters. He wanted to improve his vision so that he could qualify for a higher pilot rating.

He reported to me in January 1986 that he passed the visual requirement for Piedmont Airlines which is 20/50 visual acuity.

This man was highly motivated. This is an example where motivation, purpose, persistence, and dedication pay high dividends.

Myopic…..Lasik Surgery

Dear Dr. Taber,

I just wanted to thank you for helping me regain my eyesight. I had Lasik surgery March of 2003. My eyesight was restored to 20/15.
By 2004 my vision was beginning to get weaker. I took your class starting the end of September 2004. I believe my eyesight was 20/60.

After taking your class, by the end of February 2005, my vision was better than after the eye surgery. My eyesight was 20/8 in both eyes!!!


I have learned skills that have helped me retain my vision. I also got in touch with the emotional aspects of vision that caused me to become myopic. By releasing the emotional past cleared my vision as well as learning to relax.

My mother has also tried your techniques and even though she has not done them continuously, she has noticed improvement.

I continue to use your methods and when I have stopped and been under stress and notice my vision starting to be a little weaker, I just start my exercises again, and viola, back in business.

I LOVE HAVING 20/8 vision!!!

Thank you once again,
Lynda O.
San Diego, Ca.

Presbyopia, Macular Degeneration, and Hemorrhage

This 66 year old man came to me because he had had a hemorrhage in his left eye. Previous laser treatment from an ophthalmologist resulted in further damage. As a last resort he took vision training. He had worn glasses for 25 years and bifocals the last five years. A diagnose of macular degeneration was also noted at this time.

He had a very tense personality, was restless, and hadn’t slept through the night in over ten years. Prior to starting training his vision measurement for reading was R = 20/150, L = the eye with hemorrhage could only see black and shades of gray of large print (Reader’s Digest large print magazine) at 20 inches.

For distance his vision was R = 20/25, L= his left eye could not distinguish a two inch letter at three feet because of the damage. After six lessons he learned to see better and began sleeping through the night.

After ten lessons his right eye had gone from 20/150 to 20/30 for reading and his left eye from large Readers Digest print at 20 inches to 20/60 at 15 inches (newspaper print)

He could now see with his left eye a two- inch letter at eight feet. He reported elaxed sleeping throughout the night. Friends commented on how calm he had become.

After ten lessons he was so grateful to have his vision returning and felt so good he even decided not to sue the ophthalmologist for malpractice.

Presbyopia (Farsighted…, Light Sensitivity…, Headaches)

Dear Dr. Taber,

Besides significantly improving my vision, after only six weeks, I no longer feel the need for sunglasses. For as long as I can remember I have been uncomfortable in the sun, squinting etc. Also I no longer experience having headaches which have plagued me regularly in the past.

I cannot thank you enough for the Eye-Robics program.

Warm Regards,
Mildred L,
Retired Secretary, (age 69)

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Case Histories from Nathan Oxenfeld

“Hi Nathan, I had a vision exam today. I am happy to write you that in less than one year my vision has improved from 20/70 to 20/30. The Optometric Physician almost fell off his chair as he told me my astigmatism is completely gone.  He told me that he has never seen that before. Thanks again for all your help.  I hope to write you again as my vision continues to improve from my  (almost) daily vision work outs.”

-Andre S.

“Dear Nathan, Thank you for the excellent Bates Method Vision course. I passed the motor vehicle 20/30 vision test for the first time in 30+ years. Good-bye to ‘corrective lenses driving restrictions’. Now I am working toward 20/20 vision. Thanks again for your good vision training and coaching.”

-Andre S.

“When I began studying with Nathan my prescription was around -2.75.  I had been getting reduced myopia prescriptions for about six or seven years, starting out at -5.75.  After a year of working with Nathan my slightly reduced prescription is -0.75.  I use it only for driving at night and during rain or snow. I dumped my ever-present sunglasses after my first lesson with Nathan. Nathan has opened doors and blown away blurry clouds for me in many ways in the past year.  He is clear and approachable in his teaching and prepares his students well to continue with the practice of relaxed seeing. I appreciate very much his holistic approach that weaves relaxation techniques from other modalities into relaxed seeing. Thank you, Nathan, for reminding me that my eyes are integrated with the rest of my body/mind.”

-Gwen D.

“I took Nathan’s group class and then did a series of individual lessons with him.  I find I always learn something when I have a lesson, sometimes subtle, sometimes quite remarkable.  Nathan has been a good guide for me and I will continue to make use of my sessions with him.  After about 10 lessons I made my vision practice my own. One month later I was able to easily pass my Driver’s License Vision Test so now after 15 years I no longer need to wear glasses when I drive! The biggest help to my seeing clearly has to do with relaxation.  I pay a lot of attention to any subtle tension in my eyes when I’m working with the chart or reading cards.  I spend a lot of time doing exercises to relax my eyes:  for me that’s sunning, palming (lots of it), picket fence, long swing and vision stretching.  After about 2 weeks on my own I noticed that I could easily see the 20/20 line on the chart and it was immensely pleasurable.  There was absolutely no effort involved.  I let my eyes simply take in what is on the chart or the reading cards, rather than going out after it.  I just let it come in with no resistance or need to figure it out.  I let my eyes do what they do best, see!  I don’t try at all.  And when I do notice that I’m trying to read or see a particular letter, I take a deep breath, do a couple exercises and relax back into myself.  This creates a great ease in seeing.  I have no concern about what is not clear, I simply enjoy what I’m seeing, with a sense of easy wonder.  This relaxation is allowing me to see both far and near.  Thank you Nathan!”

-Nancy P



“I want to thank you for all you have provided online for people like me. A few weeks ago I truly thought I was losing my eyesight, I could hardly even read a book no less the computer screen. Whereas my left eye has been consistently way worse than my right eye and the astigmatism marked, when I asked the gal taking my order for new glasses to compare the new prescription to the previous prescription, she stunned us both when she announced that ‘your eyes seem to have changed shape, your astigmatism is much improved and there is a more equal correction for both eyes.’ I am so thrilled, words are hardly enough to thank you (and Dr. Bates) or even express my full gratitude for what this feels like. I hope you have heard this before. I know I am without a doubt sold for life on your work and plan to continue to meld the practices you recommend into my life as well as spread the word. Since my life is already about learning of,  furthering, and working with alternative health options, again I have to tell you this is the most wonderful discovery I can think of, that there is hope to improve and restore eyesight.”


-Stephanie W.


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Case Histories from Esther Van Der Werf

Dear Esther, 
I am ecstatic to tell you that I passed my eye exam at DMV today with flying colors!
Driver’s license renewal… restriction saying corrective lenses required … REMOVED!!! Been on there for at least 15 yrs.
The DMV woman couldn’t believe it… and I was thrilled, tho not surprised. Been wearing my glasses on my nose when driving for the past few years as I tried out Bates Method for improving my vision naturally. (just in case I got stopped or anything… nobody could say I wasn’t wearing them!) Now… I don’t need them on or even with me. Reading glasses also gone… which is wonderful cuz I kept losing them. Thank you for keeping Dr. Bates’ work *visible*! 😀

-Susan F.


Esther guess what? The doctor confirmed my vision improvement of 1 diopter, and lowered me another .25! Love you!

-Valerie V.


“In my first session with Esther, after not having been able to read even the large print of a menu without glasses for 5 years, I had the experience of reading smaller than normal print without glasses.  I also had been unable to use my eyes together so I did not see 3-dimensionally.  It is now a month later and I only use glasses if I need to read really small print and I see 3-D!  Esther is a very caring, very generous human being who truly wants her clients to grow and heal.  If that is what you want, then check her out.”

-Rob C

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Case Histories from Greg Marsh

“I am very excited about the results I’ve experienced from the methods I’ve learned from Greg. I initially enrolled with the intent to learn enough about my eyes so they would not get worse. I’ve worn glasses for 40 years and bifocals for five. Each year the eye exam would tell me I “required” a higher prescription. In the midst of the weekly workshop sessions I went to my eye doctor to request a reduced prescription for computer work. To his amazement and mine, I had dropped a full diopter in just two weeks from the methods learned in the workshop. He also told me I no longer needed bifocals! My intent now is to abolish eyeglasses altogether.”

  – J.B. Emanuel


“Greg is a wonderfully creative and gentle teacher. As an herbal medicine and natural health practitioner, I had been LOOKING for ways to improve my eyesight for many years. I was aware that a method existed and finally FOCUSED on it with Greg Marsh in the Natural Vision Workshop. Little did I know, the enhanced Bates Method would entirely change my way of SEEING life! Starting with 20/200 in my left eye and 20/80 right, I began to see better immediately. Colors are intense. My clarity increases as I continue to practice the activities and improve my diet and lifestyle. For most functions other than driving I no longer use glasses, and have not worn my contact lenses since February of 2004. My goal is 20/20 or better within 3 years.”

  – Julie C


“Not just my nearsightedness has changed – I feel my whole perspective has broadened. I enjoyed the class so much and felt that all of us really helped buoy each other in this process of relearning to see.”

  – Suzenn R.


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