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Links & Resources

Books written by AVE Members:

Esther Van Der Werf – Bates Method Nuggets, Read Without Glasses, The Complete Magazines of William Bates,

Dr. Jerriann Taber – Eyerobics, The Rapid Healing Technique

Joy Thompson – Easy On The Eyes

Nathan Oxenfeld – Give Up Your Glasses For Good: Holistic Eye Care for the 21st Century

Marc Grossman OD – Magic Eye Beyond 3D: Improve Your Vision, Greater Vision

Marie Wilson – Love Your Eyes: How to Improve Your Eyesight Naturally, Intentions: A Path to Wholeness

Martin Sussman – Total Health at the Computer: How To Be Pain Free at the Computer

Online Courses & Programs created by AVE Members:

Greg Marsh – Reclaim Your Eyesight Naturally

Barry Auchettl – Eye Power

Nathan Oxenfeld – Holistic Vision Program, 12 Week Group Course

Esther Van Der Werf – Email Course

Teacher Trainings offered by AVE Members:

Dr. Jerriann Taber – Online Teacher Training Program, Vision Training Institute

Greg Marsh – In-Person / Online Coaching Program and Certification

Esther Van Der Werf – Week Long In-Person Continuing Education Trainings

Margaret Montgomery & Aileen Whiteford – College of Vision Education, near London, England

Nina Hutchings – Teacher Trainings in Paris, France

Maurizio Cagnoli – Vision Educator Trainings in Italy and Spain